Rethink conventional birdfeeders

Linz Lim
Aug 11, 2020


Last year, we started a rooftop party for the backyard birds with two pairs of worn-out Converse shoes and a broken suitcase — it was great for many months until we made an “ extraterrestrial discovery “.

Phycomyces (sometimes known as “poop-shrooms” or “hairy fungus”) is a mass of fungus that grows from feces, especially when the surrounding is moist

Not only did we need something that could withstand the city’s strong wind, perpetual fog, and crazy rain, it has to be easy to clean.

We have repurposed our frying pans since the beginning of the year, and they have been great. Recently, we found environmentally conscious MTN94 water-based paints, and in half a day, they had a new coat of life!

We are glad that we have given “extra time” to our frying pans (and candle holder) without buying a conventional bird feeder. It might seem a little alternative, but we love it.

This experiment has prompted us to rethink many things in life. Before we purchase anything, can we make something out of what we have?

Originally published at on August 11, 2020.